Prefabricated Home and Insulated Panel

Insulated Panel

Our insulated panel is a sandwich panel with magnesium silicate board used as the exterior surface. Magneisum silicate board is a non-combustible building material with good noise attenuation, good acoustic properties and good moisture resistance.


The core material is Polyurethane, which is a high quality thermal insulation. It also has good sound insulation quality. Furthermore, the Polyurethane core is an absolute water and vapour barrier.


Key advantages

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Excellent and durable thermal insulation.
  • Good acoustic performance
  • Exterior material is Magnesium silicate board, which is non-combustible with good water and moisture resistance.
  • Light weight.

Insulated panel

Thickness comparison between Polyurethane foam and other material with

same heat transfer coefficiency

Prefabricated Home

Based on our insulated panel product, our prefabricated home is developed to satisfy the need for faster construction and rising labour cost.


Our prefabricated home is available in 2 systems.

  1. Container home. A container home uses shipping containers as structure. The steel structure of shipping container is very strong as multiple containers can be stacked together. A container home can be constructed, decorated and furnished from the factory and delivered on site.
  2. Prefabricated home - "The Living Grid System". In the Living Grid System, steel posts are used to form the  structure of the house and the insulated walls are installed on site. This system provides greater flexibility for designs as the house can be of various designs and shapes.


Key advantages

  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Available in various designs and finishing.
  • Energy efficient

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